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Welcome to MBI Health Education, which specializes in providing good basic information on how to improve and maintain a good level of health and fitness for a fulfilling life.

What is meant by a good level of health?

It is being able to enjoy life in a physical body that functions at its fullest potential, illness free and without the aches and pains associated with a lesser state of health. While we understand that it is not always possible for people to reclaim their youth and the vitality and energy that they had as a young person, it is possible to make improvements in current health levels by making positive changes to diet, activity levels and lifestyle through personal choice.

We're here to provide the inspiration, motivation and knowledge that can help you to make those improvements if you choose to work with them.

Personal Choice

MBI Health EducationHealth is really a personal choice, whether you believe that or not. You can choose what you are going to eat to a certain extent and you can choose whether you are going to exercise or not. While there are probably hundreds of excuses that a person may be able to come up for not eating right or exercising, they all boil down to choice.

We can't make anyone get fitter or eat the right diet. We can only provide the kind of information that, if put to use, can help a person to improve their diet, their activity levels and lifestyle choices. But they have to choose to use them or not.

If you choose to improve your health, then our collection of informational articles, fully researched and originally written exclusively for this website can help you. They are there for you to read, digest and understand to the best of your ability and to help you to gain a better level of self knowledge so that you can help yourself to lead a healthier lifestyle.

You decide!

Eating for Health

There is a lot of truth in the saying that we are what we eat. It is perfectly apparent from what we see all around us everywhere we look at people walking around in our vicinity. There are people of all shapes and sizes, but more interestingly, where height and general build are individual to each person, the way that their bodies look that are different to what that height and build should look like tell us how they have been treating their bodies.

When people eat healthily in moderation, it is quite obvious from the fact that they tend to look like their stature should look. So a tall person will be carrying a healthy weight and not look flabby or chubby, but will appear relatively lean and well proportioned. Similarly, a short person of medium build will loo the way they are supposed to look.

But when we see people who are not looking after their health properly by eating a lot of the wrong foods in the wrong proportions, then it is patently obvious they are abusing their bodies through their diet. When a person is unhealthy, their gate is out of alignment with what it should be. They will hunch over more, walk more slowly and appear to be suffering with a variety of aches and pains that should not be present especially if they are younger people.

Overweight people invariably got that way through a wrong diet but that doesn't mean it is how they should be defined. Inside every overweight person is a thin person that simply lost their direction in the way they eat and drink. Their situation can be changed as long as they want to change it. Not everybody does, although most, despite what they may say, do.

The change can appear to be very difficult especially for those that have been stuck in bad habits of eating for a long time. It is not easy to give up what you see as the things you enjoy just to shed the excess weight. Some people believe that the pain they would have to experience by giving up things to lose weight is greater than the pleasure they will experience for losing the excess and being able to wear great clothes and feel good.

Of course, it's an illusion, but a powerful one at that. At the end of the day, a person can only do what they decide or choose to do. If they choose to be definite about starting to lose the excess pounds and eat for health and not for what they perceive as pleasure (or through bad habits), then they will do it!

Health Resources

Below you will find some excellent health related resources that may benefit your own researches into your own improved personal health.